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PP Sheet Extrusion Machine

This machine is the first step for manufacturing of plastic stationery products. It converts PP granules to PP Sheet as per pre-defined sizes and thickness.

Cutting Machine

Used to cut paper and plastic sheets to required sizes.

Die Cutting Machine

Useful for Sheet cutting in clear and accurate shape. Large bed to cut sheets of both small and big sheet sizes.

Stationery Fitting Machines

The company owns more than 30 semi-automatic and fully automatic machines for combining PP Sheet and accessories to make different types of Files and Folders. This includes:

  • Clip Fitting Machines

  • Button Fixing Machines

  • Heat Welding Machines

Clear Plastic Folders (Sheet Protector) making Machine

Company owns multiple lines of fully automatic Clear Folder/ Sheet Protector making machines for high quality and economical production of folders in varied sizes.

Sewing Machines

Industrial grade sewing machines are used to manufacture products with high quality stitching.

Automatic Case Making Machine

The company is the India's first and only owner of a fully automatic case making machine (In Stationery Industry) capable of producing at least 10000 cases for Lever Arch File per day. The machine is very useful for getting high quality and stable production of both Paperboard and PVC covered Lever Arch File board as per the defined specifications. .


The company owns more than 25000 sq ft of Warehouse space with well organised racking and labelling system ensuring easy identification and traceability of goods and materials. .

In-House Testing Lab

We have a very well equipped in-house testing lab to make sure the correct raw materials are used to manufacture product as per correct size, thickness, color and strength.

Instruments used include:

  • Color matching box

  • Micrometers

  • Strength Tester

  • GSM Calculator

  • Weighing Scales

  • Verniers


Automatic Die Cutting Machine

This is the second step for production of all types of products. Useful for High-speed cutting at speeds approx 5000 sheets per hour and touchless mechanism for scratch less high quality cutting.